Alexander Wight

Alexander Wight
Biographical Notes: 
Son of David Wight, writer in Edinburgh; m. Marion Blyth. Advocate 1754; Solicitor-General 1783-1784; Solicitor to Prince of Wales. Wrote on election law. Friends with Andrew Crosbie. A director of the Ayr bank, and lost money from its collapse.
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Associated Cases

Alexander v. Montgomery (Advocate for Defender)
Forbes v. Home (Pursuer)
Allan v. Stewart (Advocate for Pursuer)
Shaw v. Fleming (Advocate for Defender)
Alexander Watson v. John Pyot (Named in case documents)
Robert Alexander v. James Chrystie (Advocate for Pursuer)
David Fowler v. Andrew Reid (Advocate for Pursuer)
Goodall v. Fleming (Advocate for Defender)
Peters v. Speirs, and Others (Named in case documents)
Clark v. Macgill (Advocate for Pursuer)
Maxwell v. Blair and Others (Advocate for Defender)
Mackies v. Houston and Others (Advocate for Defender)
M'Lehose and Others v. Parks (Advocate for Petitioner)
Parish, &C v. Khones (Advocate for Defender)
Heron v. MacLellan (Advocate for Defender)
Duncan v. Maclintock and Smith (Advocate for Pursuer)
Reid v. Cunninghame (Advocate for Charger)

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