James Burnett, Lord Monboddo

James Burnett, Lord Monboddo
Lord Monboddo
Biographical Notes: 
Son of James Burnett of Monboddo and Elizabeth Forbes; m. Elizabeth Farquharson. Called to the Bar, Feb. 17, 1737; 2nd Liet. in the Artillery; Sheriff of Kincardine, Oct. 1760; Lord Monboddo Feb. 12, 1767. Wrote "Of the Origin and Progress of Language."
Dates of Existence: 
1714CE Oct 14th to 1799CE May 26th

Associated Cases

Parish, &C v. Khones (Lord Ordinary)
Drew v. Calder (Lord Ordinary)
Dover v. Forsyth (Lord Ordinary)
Forsyth v. Paterson (Lord Ordinary)
Gillies v. Carmalt (Lord Ordinary)
Watson v. Stewart (Lord Ordinary)
Walpoles v. John Walker (Lord Ordinary)

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